It’s been a while but here it goes…

Quite a few months have passed since my last blog entry (not exactly keeping to my target of one every fortnight!) Believe me, my lack of updates has not been due to nothing to write about, just no time to write it! Every time I did sit down and attempt to write I just didn’t know where to start. So please forgive me if I just blurt out a huge amount of information in an incoherent and illogical order – there is just so much to say! Here’s part of a blog that I wrote in January… which actually only feels like a few weeks ago.

Well what an incredible few months. As I sit here in a summer outfit arranging Bob Marley’s “One love” for steel band I reflect on how different my life is from this time last year: freezing in London queuing for hours for a practice room to prepare for my orchestral excerpt exam… I know where I’d rather be right now!

Montserrat really is a special place. They are going to have to drag me off this Island in July. With a population of under 5,000 and the varied nature of the job, you do get the feeling that you know pretty much everyone and that everyone knows you.  This can be both wonderful and slightly unnerving at time. Example – I recently performed in a concert for which there were posters all over the place with my picture on. The lady putting up the posters overheard someone say “Oh I’ll go to that concert because that girl is really great at karaoke”. Who knew that what you get up to on a Saturday night would bring an audience to a concert! I would say that I have taught a huge percentage of the children on this island, and even the ones I haven’t yet taught still know who I am and what I do. This means that children pop up everywhere! “Miss, I saw you at the supermarket!!” “ Teacher Becky!! I saw you dancing at the weekend!!”

I divide my working week between 5 schools: Montserrat Secondary School and 4 primary schools. Oh, and a nursery or two! I have managed to shake off the perception that I was sent here to be the secondary school music teacher which was definitely my biggest challenge initially. I have heard quite a few people refer to me as “Music Lady”, and I think this pretty much sums up my role here in Montserrat,  a fantastically varied job. The next few blogs will I hope give an idea of how I have spent my time here since September.


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