Choir Overload!!

Latest choir news..

I can’t believe that almost a year has passed since the Montserrat National Youth Choir was born, initially with the founding of the junior choir in June 2013. It seems like only yesterday, but at the same time they have achieved so much. I’m not only talking about the obvious improvement in their singing and performance skills, but also how much their confidence and self-esteem have shot up. One child who was so shy initially she could hardly say hello volunteered to do a solo in rehearsal today. That’s the power of singing and performing right there.

A few weeks ago we held auditions for new choir members. A few junior choir members left the island during the year and a few will move up to the middle choir after the summer so we had space for about 12 ‘newbies’. Over 70 children aged 7-11 returned audition forms, which is clear proof of how much enthusiasm there is for singing on this island. I had SUCH a hard time narrowing that down to only 12. I hate leaving so many children disappointed, and I would really love to start a training choir or at the very least hold regular singing/choir workshops for those children who didn’t make it this time. If only there were more hours in the day, more days in the week and I had more than 2 months left in Montserrat!

Applicants also outnumbered places available for the 12-15 age group, formed in September 2013, again proving the amount of interest in singing and the success of our show in March. This choir is now at its limit, at 35-strong. We even have 5 new members in the 16-30 age group, meaning we have a total of 80 great singers in the Montserrat National Youth Choir. For a population of 5,000 people, that’s not bad!!

Here is the Junior choir complete with (most) new members. What a bunch of smiling faces!

Our next project on the agenda is another big concert/show on July 19th (scarily close!). This will take place during the annual Calabash Festival. Plans are also underway for the junior choir to give an afternoon concert for the elderly at the Golden Years Home along with my junior Ukulele band. (More about them in the next blog! But here’s a taster 🙂


Here are some pics of the middle choir performing at the annual Rotary Club fundraising dinner, which took place at Olveston House towards the end of March.

We held a party for the little ones as a celebration for their fantastic performance in the show in March. We played games, had some food, and shared experiences of how much they loved performing their first ‘musical’! There was a lot of singing and dancing involved and did I mention we had our very own personalized National Youth Choir cake??


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