About me

I’m Becky, a 24 year-old musician currently working in Montserrat. I’ve just finished a masters degree at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama where I spent a fantastic 2 years studying the flute, specialising in orchestral studies. I previously completed a joint honours degree at Newcastle University reading Music and Spanish. I also play the piano and love leading choirs and directing musical theatre productions. Over the last few years I have realised how much I love working in music education and doing outreach projects and my aim is to find a balance between this and my performing activities. I’ve been given a fantastic opportunity to develop my education and community work here in Montserrat and I couldn’t be happier! On my return to London I will be taking up a Guildhall Artist Fellowship in September 2013.



5 thoughts on “About me

  1. Well Done Becky … so pleased that you are getting such a fantastic opportunity and they are benefiting from such a fantastic person. Love you lots x

  2. Hello Rebecca,

    The project is amazing! Sounds lots of fun!

    Your dad forwarded this to me, (I am a student at Newcastle uni too, doing my last year, unfortunately!)

    I love nature, hope to see more photos of peaceful beautiful landscapes!

    Wish you all the best. Enjoy every moment!


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