About the project

Purpose of Project

To inspire children on Montserrat to engage with and find out more about a variety of music genres and music-making. To support some existing music activities and set up new projects for children and adults.

This project is a collaboration between Montserrat Foundation UK and the Guildhall School of Music and Drama.

I will be working as a musician/facilitator on the Island of Montserrat from September 2012 – July 2013 where I will work with local schools and community organisations to set up musical activities for young people and adults. I will be taking over from Jon Ang, who was the Guildhall graudate to start the project back in January 2012. The success of his placement has meant that the Montserrat Foundation UK with support from the Montserrat Ministry of Education and Barbican/Guildhall Creative Learning is looking forward to continue to fund the placement into 2013 and beyond.

You can read Jon’s blog here: http://montserratmusic.blogspot.co.uk/

How the project came about:

Up until the founding of this placement, the Caribbean island of Montserrat has had almost no music education. This led Sir George Martin, one of the Guildhall School’s most celebrated alumni, to approach the Guildhall School with the proposal. It was agreed that the position would be ideally suited to Guildhall graduates who have the skills and experience to set up and facilitate musical projects and activities which could reach a large number of young people.

Sir George Martin has had a close association with the island since he first visited with his wife in 1977. In 1979 he set up AIR Studios there where many big names from the world of pop music went to record. Following the devastating hurricane which hit the island in 1989 and the even more destructive eruption of the volcano in 1995 George Martin has been working to raise awareness of the island’s predicament and funds to help rebuild the community and in particular to help invigorate and develop cultural activities on the island.

This placement is supported by Sir George Martin, the Montserrat Foundation US, the Montserrat Foundation UK, the Montserrat Ministry of Education and Barbican/Guildhall Creative Learning.


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